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JobleticsPro has helped many retail-pharmacies, supermarket pharmacies and pharmacy chains sustain their businesses by making sure their shifts are always covered.
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W2 employeesof Jobletics
W2 employeesof Jobletics
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Pharmacy Manager

Lead staff members in the pharmacy by assigning work tasks, supervising, evaluating, hiring, firing, training, and scheduling work shifts for all employees. Pharmacy managers fill prescriptions and check prescriptions filled by pharmacy techs to ensure proper procedures have been followed.

Logistics Supervisor

Responsibilities include organizing and monitoring storage and distribution of goods.

Nurse Practitioner

May work in both inpatient and outpatient situations and can perform independently or as part of a treatment team. Generally, nurse practitioners perform the important task of educating patients about preventative care and prescribed treatments.

Staff Accountant

Duties may include maintaining the general ledger, reviewing financial statements, preparing financial reports, assisting with audits and budgeting processes, and reconciling accounts.

Operations Supervisor

Monitor the efficiency of a department and apply methods to improve processes, such as customer service and data analysis procedures.

Clerks and Cashiers

Assists pharmacy staff by retrieving filled prescriptions, processing payments and handling other tasks.