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Are the rising costs of HR hurting your bottom line? Here’s how to stay afloat. Hiring and maintaining employees isn’t cheap. In fact, you’re looking at over $4,000 in costs for each hire, spread out across:

Recruitment Salaries
Training and Onboarding Turnover

Each of these represents a cost that is completely given up when any hire leaves your employ.  They’re an unavoidable part of the staffing equation.Or are they? While you might not be able to totally get rid of something like recruitment, you can definitely find ways to mitigate the costs.

At Jobletics, we’ve had our finger on the pulse of the staffing world for the past couple of years.

With our research, we’ve come up with this white paper, The Cost of Hiring, where you can learn:

  • A rundown of each part of hiring costs
  • How some of these costs are on an upward trend
  • Steps you can take to reduce these costs

Read the full whitepaper to gain and leverage this knowledge and gain competitive advantage in your industry!