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Jobletics Referral Program

$50 for our Joblete and their referral!

Jobletics runs a referral program to thank our loyal Jobletes for bringing more high-quality staffers into the fold. It also allows our inactive Jobletes to keep making money even without working.

We offer the following incentives for our Jobletes whenever they refer someone new:

  • $50 extra pay to our Jobletes AND their referral, after the referral completes their first shift
  • Shift prioritization and ratings increase for employees who regularly send referrals.

If you've been referred by one of our Jobletes, we'd like to thank them properly. When you sign up for Jobletics, make sure you tell us who referred you by including their email address in the appropriate field. They'll get their $50 and other bonuses, and you'll have their gratitude!