Tales from the Server

There’s no better way to inspire you to continue your work in foodservice...by striking fear into your souls with the worst stories told by servers! In this list of terrors, we showcase the harrowed prose of tired service industry professionals who’ve seen it all down in the trenches - and remind you that however bad you’ve got it, be thankful that you haven’t seen the things they’ve seen…

1. The Tale Of The Human Vomit Pitcher

One of the most underrated yet critical roles of bussers and servers is to ensure that diners’ glasses are constantly filled with water. But why bother with such a tedious affair when you can have the customers do it for you? With their own puke?

BuzzFeed gathered their own set of server horror stories from the community, and one of the most gut-wrenching entries on the list was about a horrifying event of the projectile vomit persuasion. In summary:

“A woman in the restaurant didn't feel well and started to vomit, but instead of running to the bathroom, she started grabbing the empty water glasses and vomiting.”

2. The Tale Of The Toxic Tipless Trio

Reddit’s Tales From Your Server is a most wonderful place to go for some heartwarming stories about waiters fighting against adversity, and managers defending their staff against the cruelty of the customer. 

But just as frequent as the good stories are the horror stories that remind us of how grim the nature of service work can be at times. One of the top replies provides an insight into the great despair suffered by a hapless waitress, when a trio of men explained why they didn’t tip her:

“I didn’t really feel like shelling out an extra 20 bucks for you, because no offense, but you could step it up a bit. All the other waitresses in here are very cute and earn their tips, try putting on more make up, or going to a gym. I am just being honest with you, if a guy wanted to f**ck you-he’d tip you better.”

A friendly reminder that we tip on the basis of service, not looks! Also, don’t be a douchebag.

3. The Tale Of The Undesired Gratuity

Also on reddit, this time AskReddit, is the timeless tradition of asking various professions for the “best/worst experiences they’ve had with patients/clients/customers.” One such thread yielded this gem, a terrifying incident, a confluence of malice and stupidity that a busser witnessed in a time long gone:

“‘We ain't order no gratuity. Show me gratuity on this table.’ They continued to try and argue and made the waitress cry. Manager had to be called in to explain what gratuity was.”

Perhaps they needed to have the words ‘get out’ explained to them too.

4. The Tale Of The Bloody Cleanup Crew

The Guardian recently came up with an article about restaurant horror stories from waiters, and one of them was about a waiter who had to clean up after an injured diner produced a puddle of blood from their split head. Her manager, who expressed a profound dislike for her, had her do the job without any sanitation tools:

“When I asked for gloves and a mop he gestured to some kitchen towel before disappearing behind the bar downstairs. Naively, I did it, as I didn’t want to lose my job. I had to mop up a pool of this drunk old man’s blood with one-ply tissue, on my hands and knees, in a busy restaurant. It was humiliating and I only realised how dangerous it was when a man who was drinking there approached me, told me he was a nurse and warned me to never let them make me do something like this again.”

Check your local laws to see how biohazard cleanups should be done! 

These are just some of the horror stories that servers all over the world encounter every day. You can’t avoid a bad table - but if you want to ensure that at least your restaurant takes care of you, and that you’re rewarded for the work, you should pick the best managers and establishments to work with. And to make the deal sweeter, you should get a job that lets you choose who you work with, as well as your own schedule of work! 

Sounds like a dream in a sea of terror...but Jobletics is the truth in the fantasy. Sign up with us now!

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Tales from the Server

There’s no better way to inspire you to continue your work in foodservice...by striking fear into your souls with the worst stories told by servers!

November 20, 2019

Read More >>>

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