Joblete Referral Program

Business has never been better! Our clients are scheduling more and more shifts, and we're looking for as many Jobletes as we can to help fill them up.

That's why we're enlisting the help of our loyal Jobletes to bring more people onboard. We know that skilled, qualified, and motivated people like our staffers tend to surround themselves with those who think alike, and we're relying on that.

In that light, we're officially announcing the start of the Jobletics Referral Program, an incentive program that provides monetary bonuses and other incentives to our Jobletes, for every referral who becomes part of our community.

It's really simple to get started. When a Joblete's referral signs up at our website, they just have to put in the email address of the Joblete who referred them in the appropriate field, labeled "Tell us who referred you." Our system will track these referrals automatically.

We'll confer the following incentives to our Jobletes for their participation in the Referral Program:

  • $50 bonus for our Joblete and their referral, paid after the referral completes their first shift.
  • Jobletes who refer frequently may get shift priority in the Jobletics system, meaning that they get notified first whenever a job is available.

Our program benefits our Jobletes in two ways.

  1. First, active Jobletes are incentivized for bringing in like-minded staffers who will commit to fulfilling their shifts.
  2. Second, Jobletes who aren't actively working shifts can still make money from Jobletics through referrals.

If you're already one of our Jobletes and would like to refer someone immediately, or if you've been referred by one of ours, then click the link below to head to our referrals page.

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