Line Cooks

Whether you're hiring a line cook or want to become one, this job brief gives you an idea as to what to expect from line cooks. The brief includes the salary that a line cook can expect, the description of what a line cook does, and the educational and skill requirements that they need to have met.

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Average Wage

On average, a line cook makes $11.73 an hour. A full-time line cook would therefore make around $24,921 annually.

Job Description

Back-of-house employees are the backbone of the restaurant industry, and are responsible for managing everything that goes on behind the scenes. Line cooks and prep cooks work at specified cooking tasks, preparing and restocking ingredients and cooking at stations to fulfill customers’ orders. Dishwashers and utility staff keep the place clean, and ensure that kitchen equipment is maintained.

Back-of-house work requires people who work well under pressure, and are ready to take on additional duties as needed by kitchen staff. The kitchen is a tough but ultimately fulfilling work environment.

Line cooks work at individual stations to perform specific cooking tasks. They're responsible for setting up their mise en place, ensuring that their stations are fully stocked with the ingredients they need, and working on the kitchen line with other kitchen staff to put orders together in a timely, coordinated fashion.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Must be compliant with food handling best practices
  • Constant vigilance with hygiene
  • Aware of cooking basics, including:
  • Knife skills
  • Deboning
  • Prep work

Educational Requirements

Line cooks are typically required to have graduated at least from high school or have taken high school-equivalent standardized tests. Employers often request that line cooks have previous cook experience.

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