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Flexible Hours

Work only the hours you want, at the places you choose. Ideal whether you’re a part-timer working on your studies, or want to make more money along with a full-time job.


Diverse Experiences

Being a Joblete means that you have the opportunity to work with several establishments. You’ll get a sample of the company culture of each partner you work with.


Develop Your Skills

Jobletics offers training for workers who want to learn new skills. You’ll open yourself up to a variety of new positions in foodservice.


Competitive Rates

Whatever shift you work, you’ll be paid $15-16 an hour. That’s well within industry rates.


Line Cooks

We’re looking for ambitious, motivated foodservice professionals who are ready to hold the line in the kitchen for our partners in multiple locations all across Massachusetts. As a line cook, you’ll be responsible for setting up your station’s mise en place, performing the cooking duties assigned to your station, and coordinating with other line cooks to get all orders out with consistent quality and timeliness.

Line cooks must adhere to the best practices of food handling and hygiene throughout their time in the kitchen. They should also be aware of all the basics of cooking, including knife skills, deboning, and prep work.

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Prep Cooks

If you’re ambitious, a great multitasker, and are passionate about kitchen work, then you might just be what we’re looking for in a prep cook. Our partners are looking for prep cook staffers in multiple locations all across Massachusetts and have provided us with a busy schedule full of shifts to fill up.

Prep cooks are tasked with ensuring that kitchen workstations and ingredients alike are ready for the line cooks and chefs to use. They check all ingredient inventories and make sure there’s enough for every dish, assist with utility tasks like dishwashing and sanitation, and perform basic tasks such as chopping ingredients, deboning meats, and parboiling.

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Kitchen Utility

Are you looking to start a career in foodservice? We’re hiring kitchen utility jobs that can help you get on your feet. Our partners in all across Massachusetts are looking for kitchen utility workers who can help keep their kitchens in working order.

Kitchen utility staff wear many hats in the kitchen. They help out with cleaning and storing pots, pans, cutlery and dishes, and may also perform general sanitation tasks around the kitchen such as mopping. They’re also tasked with ensuring that all kitchen equipment is clean and in working order. They also perform physical tasks such as carrying equipment or unloading supplies and deliveries.

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Servers and Waitstaff

Are you good with people, observant, and highly motivated? A job as a server might be your ticket into the foodservice industry, and our hospitality partners are hiring servers to fill up their shifts.

Servers, also called waiters and waitresses, are the most visible staff in the restaurant, and are responsible for ensuring that your customers receive quality service. They take orders, receive payments, help set the tables, and clean up after departing customers.

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Hosts and Hostesses

Are you organized, sociable, and ready to work under time pressure? We're hiring hosts for our partners' businesses around the state, and you could be the next face of their establishment.

Restaurant hosts provide a lot of the warm hospitality for which the industry is well-known. They greet guests as they arrive, manage reservations, and give waiting times. They also work with other staff to address diners' needs. Hosts work needs plenty of organizational skills and a healthy dose of people skills to work effectively.

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If you're looking for work in the fast-paced hospitality world, being a busser could be your gateway to a bright future. Bussers get a diverse array of experiences while they work, making it a great way to transition into other foodservice jobs.

Bussers are the partners of servers in the restaurant. They set plates and utensils for new customers, keep diners' glasses filled with water, and reset the table when customers leave. They constantly need to be on top of things in the dining area, as they have to watch out for customers' needs and any tables that need cleaning.

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We’re hiring ambitious and persevering individuals looking for a bright future in foodservice. Our partners need dishwashers for their busy establishments, and they’ve put up several kitchen shifts for our staffers to take.

Dishwashers don’t just clean the used dishes in the kitchen. They can also be responsible for bussing tables, restocking cutlery, and general utility tasks like mopping, taking out the trash, and unloading deliveries.

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Are you the resident drink mixer in your friend group? Perhaps being a bartender is your calling! We're opening up new bartender positions for our partners, and we're hiring motivated, sociable individuals who are up to the job.

Bartenders prepare both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for guests. They also talk to guests, holding conversations with them naturally and getting to know their preferences. Of course, they also need to be able to mix a mean drink whether or not it's on the menu.

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