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WHY TEMP: The status of the staffing industry

Most businesses in the US today rely on temporary workers to keep up with their business demands. These businesses believe that opening temp work positions is a cost-effective way to keep staffing levels optimal. Overall, temp workers drastically cut down overall staffing costs since they help in optimizing your regular employee's productivity without exhausting them.

One of the US industries that rely heavily on temp workers is the hospitality industry. For the hospitality industry, these temporary workers play a vital role in sustaining the growth of restaurants and hotels, filling in back-of-the-house or front-of-the-house positions.


Source: https://americanstaffing.net/staffing-research-data/fact-sheets-analysis-staffing-industry-trends/

US businesses provide temp work to 3.2 million Americans in an average week. In a year, America’s staffing companies hire more than 15 million temporary and contract employees. In the hospitality industry, these temp workers serve as the kitchen’s prep cook and line cook. Some of the waiters, bartenders, and busser that customers encounter every day are part of the temp workforce.

The Future of Temp Staffing

As millennial temp workers enter the workforce, businesses should continue to cater to their needs and demands. Compared to previous generations, the millennials have a different attitude and perspective towards work.

For example, they usually rely on their phone for almost anything, including temp work hunting. Companies should be open to the possibility of publishing their job openings online or through an app to keep these potential temp workers closer.

Executives should only worry about growing and expanding their businesses.