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The Cost of Hiring



It is a fairly safe assumption that businesses are made or broken by the quality of their employees. That adds a unique yet underrated responsibility on the shoulders of every business’s HR team and hiring management.

In the contemporary age of staffing, the importance of this responsibility can’t remain underrated.

Cost-of-Hiring-CoverIn recent years, the rising costs of hiring and recruitment overall have required businesses to re-evaluate how they hire personnel. Increasing turnover rates are forcing companies to spend more and more on a repeating hiring cycle. On top of it all, the current workforce, composed of Millennials, hasn’t shown the same staying power in individual jobs as past generations.

These and other problems require innovative solutions to the staffing problem. And yet, HR and recruitment are old processes that have not changed much in the last century.

To illustrate our point, this white paper discusses in detail the costs of hiring that plague companies throughout the employment life cycle. It also highlights the particular costs in the hospitality industry, which has above average staffing demands.

Download the rest of the whitepaper by clicking this link.