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Staffing Tips: Hiring Seasonal Workers

Staffing Tips 5 Reasons To Hire Temp Workers

Hiring and managing your own staff is no easy task. There’s a massive degree of overhead associated with a hiring process that will bring in reliable, performant workers into the fold. If you choose to skimp on this process, you may end up damaging your business with low-quality work or insufficient skills, all while still paying your hired workers the same thing.

The difficulty and expense associated with hiring and managing staff poses a threat to certain business needs, but these can be addressed by hiring temp workers through temp staffing agencies to fill in the gaps. Let’s take a look at specific problems you might have, and how temp workers can alleviate them.

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1. You’re spending too much money on your recruitment and hiring.

Didn’t we just say that you shouldn’t skimp on the hiring process?

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the alternative to spending too much money is cheaping out on your hires. A temp staffing agency will provide you with the high-quality hires you need to fill out your business requirements. They’ll handle the time and money expense of recruitment, and any temp workers they’ll send your way will already have been vetted and matched with your requirements.

The reason why this is cost-effective at all for agencies is that they already have a “recruitment” infrastructure in place, in the form of a roster of existing staffers who are signed onto the agency ranks. That’s why hiring an agency will be cheaper than doing the busywork yourself.

But don’t take that the wrong way. Just because your staffers are technically under the agency’s purview, doesn’t mean that they won’t be as loyal and integral as any regular employee. Temp workers are only defined by the flexibility of the opportunities afforded to them, not by any kind of work ethic or difference in loyalty.

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2. Your workloads are dynamic and irregular.

Permanent or otherwise regular staff come in every day and clock in a set number of hours throughout the week. That’s all well and good for industries where there’s a consistent workload that can be solved by people coming into work for a 9-5 job, five days a week.

However, for industries such as hospitality, you may find that the workloads are irregular, which by nature can’t be addressed and solved by regular staff. You’ll be forced to either hire too many workers and end up spending a lot on salaries even during times that there isn’t a lot of work to do, or hire too few workers and risk being understaffed during peak hours.

With temp workers, you can hire a reliable group of staffers who come to meet your irregular business demands. With the right agency, these people will be no less committed or skilled than regular workers, but you won’t be limited by the need to hire them on a regular basis. The agency will take care of that regularity for you and them.

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3. You need people NOW.

Suppose a large portion of your team gets sick, take leaves, or are otherwise unavailable for an upcoming event, which will require all hands on deck. What are your options?

You could certainly try your luck at putting out a recruitment campaign for emergency hires. But how long does that take, really? DHI Group indicates that the average time to hire for the hospitality industry is 20.7 days. That’s 20.7 days between the time a position is needed, and the time that a potential hire finally makes it through the application process. That’s 20.7 days of advertising, as well as interviewing, vetting, and examining applicants, along with the associated expenses.

If you chose to ask for a temp staffing agency’s help instead, those 20.7 days could be shaved down to a couple of hours. Yes, top agencies will be able to deliver you a fully-trained staffer ready for a kitchen or utility shift in as little as three hours between the time you call them up and the time you need them. That kind of flexibility simply isn’t possible if you’re doing things on your own.

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4. You need someone with specific skills.

The average time to hire someone in your industry already takes quite a while. This may take even longer if you need a unique set of skills for a particular event or time period, and it’s going to be even more painful if you only need those skills for a short period of time.

Because a temp staffing agency is intimately acquainted with all of its workers, they’ll also be aware of all the skills that each temp worker possesses. That means that your agency can fill in the blanks for you in terms of skill, and you won’t have to do the legwork to find such skill out there.

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5. You want to save money on your HR needs and hire full-time staff through a temp agency.

Say what now?

Isn’t the definition of “temp worker” right there in the name - temporary?

The fact is, the temp work industry is changing. More and more workers want to be in control of their time, choosing when and where they want to work, while having the unique security of understanding that they’re tied to an agency that can put them in the shifts they ask for.

In turn, companies are looking forward to the opportunity to outsource their HR needs to these agencies, moving away from the arduous internal process of handling recruitment, hiring, employee management, and training.

Today, many modern temp agencies have the ability to provide companies with full-time staff. These staffers will be fully vetted and trained by those agencies, so that when they arrive at your company’s doorstep, they’ll be ready to become part of the team just like any full-time employee.

The onus will then be on you to treat them as part of the team, to integrate them into your business and make them feel at home. Do that, and nothing will stop your “temp workers” from being as good as your perm workers.

The Brave New World Of “Temp” Agencies

“Temp workers.” “Seasonal staff.” These are terms that come with the old way of doing business, but those days are coming to an end with a new wave of innovative staffing solution providers. While no concrete word or phrase yet exists to describe this revolution, there’s one name that you’d do well to remember:


At Jobletics, we take the classic temp staffing equation - and toss it in the bin. We put control for the shifts you need right in your hands, putting it all through a mobile app that allows you to hire people for shifts as late as three hours before you need them.

Meanwhile, our “temp” workers, whom we’ve lovingly labeled Jobletes, are vetted by industry-standard psychometric processes, and assigned to your shifts by powerful and insightful AI-assisted algorithms that ensure you only get the most qualified workers for the job. They too have access to the power of our app, which allows them to only work the shifts they want to work, and only at the companies they prefer working with.

Those preferred companies could be your company. You can form regular teams of top professionals who’ll come work for you whenever you need them, leaving all of your staffing needs to Jobletics.

All of this takes place within our staffing ecosystem, fully accessible through our app. That would make HR leagues easier than doing it yourself.