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Quick Guide: On-Demand Staffing Apps


In this modern age, mobile phones are jam-packed with handy mobile apps that act like tools and resources that could alleviate your daily struggles as a business owner, including the management of your staffing needs. As much as possible, you prefer to allocate more of your precious time and resources to achieve your business goals.

Thankfully, there’s now an app fills and manages your labor needs with the click of a button.



The time that you spend contacting a recruitment agency could be used on other fruitful business tasks like managing the business. With a click of a button, you can quickly get a temp staff when you need them.

Rate and rank them and build a team of skilled workers to ensure every shift is filled with quality workers. If you encounter some issues within the shift, you can also contact the app’s support team to report and take the necessary actions to prevent it from happening again.

All of these are possible without leaving your office.


Skilled Workers

To ensure that they’ll only be providing the best and top-notch talents, these temp staffing apps vets these candidates using the latest AI technology and psychometric testing. They undergo a rigorous interview process to filter the massive pool of applicants.

Some temp agencies even offer some additional training to new hires to ensure that they will be when equipped when they’re deployed to your company. They also have an excess supply of workers that are ready to report to duty.


Reasonable Fees

Why spend on exorbitant fees of traditional temp agencies when you can rely on these new agencies that are more competitive with their pricing? Since they don’t need as many resources like conventional agencies, they can offer lower fees that are beneficial to businesses.

Despite all of these, they are still committed to providing you the best quality talent for your business. Instead, you can invest some of your savings so that you can grow your business.

Take control of your part-time staffing. Start looking for your next temp staff today. Let Jobletics help you build a reliable team. Click learn more below and let’s start fulfilling your needs.