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Independent or Agency?


Are you lost in your job hunt? Are companies rejecting your application materials? Are you not invited to any interviews? Have you reached the point of no return in your job search?  If you responded yes to these questions, perhaps you badly need some guidance.

Some temp staff applicants are still lost whether they want to search for a job on their own or turn to a reputable recruiting agency to find a job. Today, we’ll be listing down some key aspects that you need to consider in your job search journey and check which is better for you: searching on your own or relying on a recruitment agency.

A large network of companies

Every new temp staff applicant hates the tedious and exhausting job hunting process. You’ll need to continually check your community boards and online hiring platforms for vacancies unless you already have a lot of connections, which is not always the case. Lucky for you if there’s a vacancy, but it’s not guaranteed that you’re qualified to apply.

After a day of struggle, you decide to take a rest and start the process again because no vacancy is open that perfectly fits your skill sets and credentials.

That’s not the case when you have recruiter though. Even though some job openings are not publicly posted yet, they already have a list of companies that are hiring and planning to expand. They also have access to jobs that you as a job seeker often cannot see (yet).

Since these recruiters also have professional experience in your field, they can easily stand in your shoe and won’t hesitate to help you. They can even recommend you to a company if they believe that your skill sets and interests are ideal for their specific job opening.

It’s also free, by the way.

Enhancement of application package

When you’re alone in your job searching journey, you can’t defend yourself when a hiring manager rejects your resume, cover letter, and work samples after they received it. Googling the best way to package these just confused you, so you just submitted what you have to meet the deadline.

What you can do is wait for them to invite you to an interview and expound the details of your resume. Most of the time, you hope and pray that you’ll be able to pass that first level of the filtering process.

On the other hand, recruitment agencies not just share your resume to your prospective employers. They also guide you in crafting and polishing your application package which includes your resume that highlights your skills and employment history, a cover letter that make a positive “first impression” upon a company, and work samples that are current and updated. They also discuss your unique talents with hiring managers.

Some recruitment agencies are following up on your temp staff application. You will receive feedback and will be assisted from intake interview to salary negotiation.

Professional Development

If your recruiter observes that you lack some necessary skills that could elevate your status in the pool of competitive applicants, they can provide free online training courses for you to boost your future applications.

Aside from these, they can also coach you so you’ll be equipped with interview skills that’ll help you nail that job interview. If you’re fortunate, they’ll also regularly send industry researches like hiring trends and highest-paying jobs that could be influential for your future job application endeavors.

Lastly, after you got that sought-after job that you’ve been dreaming for years, they’ll still be with you to share professional development advice and career tips that’ll jump start your prosperous.

Also, you won’t get any of these if you’re independent in your job search.

Whether you decide to submit your application package to a recruitment agency or be brave enough to job hunt on your own, it’s always better to consider all these aspects so that you will be able to have a fruitful employment in the future. After all, the end goal of these processes is just the same: to get you a job that you love and could pay the bills.

Good luck!