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Event Logistics


5 Foolproof Hiring Tips for Event Planners

Imagine this: you've been planning this big event for months now, and on the eleventh hour, one of your employees felt sick and can't continue the gig. Your client is asking your updates Your current employees are relying on your decisions. You have a lot on your plate, and you don't have time to look for a last-minute replacement!
Take a deep breath. You should not be stressing out on bringing in additional people for your team! Here are some tips that you can do to lessen your time searching for your next staff for your event!

1. Generate an employee persona

Visualizing your ideal candidate through buyer personas helps you seek out a perfect talent. Check their demographics and communicate through your job ad. Make sure that you will be posting these in channels that they commonly use so they can easily discover your posting.

2. Ask your current employees for recommendations

Look for leads for your new temp staff from the people who are already working for you. They already have a grasp of the traits that you’re looking for in an employee, so don’t waste your time and resources waiting for applications.

3. Entice potential hires with your brand

Strengthen your reputation by investing in reliable and talented social media managers and PR practitioners. Share your company’s story, vision, and mission through your company blogs, videos, photos, and other related content. Align your hiring and recruitment processes based on your core values. Create a strong elevator pitch for your company and work hard to win them over – for the best candidates, it’s a buyer’s market, and they will look for an employer that stands out.

4. Focus on practical tests to assess competencies

Assess your temp staff candidates through practical tests where your candidates can demonstrate their skills. For example, if you’re looking for a line cook, you can ask them to demonstrate how to cook a specific dish in a limited time. It can help you check their knowledge and evaluate how they perform under pressure.

5. Ask tough (and right) questions

Test the candidates by asking these questions during the interview:What do you like about our business and what would you change?Tell me about a problem you faced in your current job and how you fixed it?What’s the one thing you’ve accomplished in your career you’re most proud?These questions help you gauge if an temp staff applicant is a perfect fit for your company. Make sure that they are qualified and fit for your company.

The process of hiring the best people is long and tiresome, but after you secure the right people, all of these will all be worth it. Identify the exact of the people that you want to work for you and make yourself attractive to them as possible. But for now, keep yourself busy. Your event’s right around the corner!