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Hiring the Host


6 Tips on Hiring the Best Staff to Make Your Restaurant Flourish

Your front-of-house staff plays a vital role in your business’ success. They create a positive experience and result for your customer. Some restaurant owners even believe that their front-of-house staffs were the key to their success. With this, the recruitment and hiring process of front-of-house staff is tedious and exhausting to make sure that they will only fill in the best people for this position.

No need to look further. Whether you’re looking for temp work or perm work employees, here are six tips that'll help you hire the best host to help your successful restaurant to flourish.

1. Establish yourself as a leader in the industry

The easiest way to attract the best potential temp work or perm work hires is to establish yourself as a leader in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Invest in good brand managers that will handle your offline and online PR efforts to show your dominance in the industry.

Meeting a job-seeker's expected salary isn't enough nowadays. The new generation of applicants wants to be part of something "big". Expect a flood of applications if your restaurant is recognized by reputable publications and institutions.

2. Define your perfect employee

Before you start accepting from temp work or perm work applicants, it’s better if you already have a list of qualities that you’ll be looking for in your new hires. Friendliness and confidence usually top the list of general attributes that recruiters are searching. With this, your recruitment process will now revolve around this list.

For example, if you want to check who is the sharpest among the candidates, you can conduct an examination where they need to be observant on their surroundings. The length of your recruitment process will depend on how many qualities you have listed down.

3. Check your employee referrals

Sometimes, you don’t need to look further to find the right candidate. Ask your current employees if they know someone who fits the qualities that you're looking for. To motivate them, you can offer an incentive reward program to encourage them.

4. Look for passionate people

Every manager wants to have the most skillful host, but they practically useless if they are not passionate about their work. Passionate team members, whether they are working for you temporarily or permanently, could significantly affect your business since they work beyond the call of duty.

Look for innate qualities such as patience, honesty, and integrity, and surely these employees will open you the door to your success.

5. Start looking at schools

As early as you can, start scouting at your nearby universities and hospitality schools. Reach out to people studying in this field and people who are interested in the hospitality industry because they might be the next host that you're looking for. Remember that some students are looking for temp work opportunities to support their studies.

If you have temp work vacancies, might as well tap these students. Build strong relationships with student leaders, hospitality professors, and guidance counselors because they deal directly with students and can help you identify the best talents in their school.

6. Build a positive and strong company culture

Even if you hired the best talent in the world, if your workplace is toxic and stressful, then it will be impossible to keep them. Your company culture is an integral part of your business. Your old and new hires should feel that they belong in an inclusive environment and not consider their work as a dull routine.

Now you have an understanding of the things that you need to do to hire the best host for your restaurant. By keeping all these in mind, you will now be able to hire the best host for your restaurant. Good luck!