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Get Hired this 2019!

Tips That’ll Get You Your Dream Job

6 Tips That’ll Get You Your Dream Job This 2019

We are now in the middle of the first quarter of 2019. As always, it’s usually the time for some people to look for better opportunities, whether for temp work employment or not, for various reasons. Whether they are unhappy with their former employers or just looking for career growth, all applicants have one goal: they want to get hired as soon as possible.

As the saying goes, many are called, but few are chosen. For you to be considered, you need to stand out to the competition. Here are a few tips on how to get your dream job.

1. Throw your old (and generic) resume

Rewrite your resume to make it concise and easier to read. The top part of your resume helps you land an interview, so make it interesting so hiring managers will continue to read your resume. Whether you're looking for temp work or perm work opportunities, explicitly tell them the job that you’re interested in, your recent employer, and what you did there.

For example, if you’re applying for a line cook position, include any previous employment related to cooking in your resume.

Don’t rely on one-size-fits-all approach on resume writing. Take the time to edit your resume so your hiring manager can tell you that you are a great candidate.

2. Write down your achievements

Let’s face it: in a normal setting, nobody likes anyone who boasts his achievements. This is not the case when your job hunting.

Stand out and show a prospective employer why you are better than everyone else especially when you are looking for temp work. This is when your accomplishments come in. Prove your worth to the hiring manager and explain why you are the best candidate.

When adding an accomplishment, focus on the specific outcome or benefit that you have contributed to your former employer. Quantify this if possible. If you contributed a $1000-increase in sales because of your sumptuous cooking, include it and brag about it.

3. List down the companies where you applied

Be wary of where you sent your applications.Be mindful in your applications and be careful not to submit multiple copies to the same company. Don’t get to a point where they question your application because you were careless in submitting it.

Because of the advent of social media, it’s not easier to apply for a job. Hence, employers are frequently met with confused applicants who forgot to that they sent an application to them.

4. Limit the applications that you send

Apply only to jobs where you meet the majority of the requirements. Don’t apply as a professional chef if your cooking experience is only in your own kitchen.

Companies don’t have the time for potential hires that tell them to reschedule an interview because they have prior commitments or they don’t fit the initial requirements. It gets very tiresome to fill out applications forms to vacancies where you’ll never even be considered.

Everybody wants to get hired. But if you send your application to every company you see is hiring, then you need to think about your life choices.

5. Keep yourself open to more opportunities

If you’re still having trouble landing a job, perhaps it’s now the time for you to speak directly with recruiters and restaurant owners. There’s no harm in asking them if they have roles that urgently needs to be filled. In response, they will provide you with information on what your employment niche needs.

As soon as you leave your current employer, reach out to recruiters and contacts to inform them that you are looking for an opportunity. Who knows? They might have a vacancy that’s perfect for you.

6. Build your network

Always remember that a secure network can help you get even the most sought-after role this year.

If you’re into social media, build your connections through platforms like LinkedIn. Make sure that your it’s clean from your selfies. Frequently post about intellectual topics related to your path and undoubtedly many people will want to connect with you.

As early as now, talk to a lot of people. Whether they are your next door neighbor or your direct supervisor, it is crucial for you to connect with them. They might bring you some good news in the future. Attending some industry conferences, conventions, and events will also do the trick.

With these tips, you are now equipped with the skills that could help you compete in your job hunting journey. May you have the energy to ace that interview with a lot of hiring managers and the patience to wait for the results.

Happy job hunting!