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Damian Cruz

Jobletics 101: Creating Shifts | Business

This article is a guide for businesses on how to use the Jobletics application to request shifts.

Step 1: Adding Payment Information

Before you'll be able to create a shift we will need you to add your payment information.

Note: You will not be charged ammount till after the shift completion. 

To add your payment info you have to click on Your Name or Settings, you will be directed to your account information. 


Credit Card Info.png

You will have to insert your payment information twice. The first time you'll notice the screen will 'Load' for a long time. Refresh this page and insert your payment info again. (This is a bug we'll be fixing soon so you don't have to do it twice)

Step 2: Updating Email Information

You'll need to add your email information to: Receive Receipts, Receive Shift Confirmations, Weekly Summaries. 


Step 3: Adding a Businesses 

You will notice that the first business you established will already be available for selection.

Note: Add the address where the worker will report to.

Note: You can create multiple Businesses if you have multiple locations, but you need to create shifts depending on where you need help.

If you want to add another business click on "Create Businesses", and fill out the name of the business with the address. 

create business.png


Step 4: Adding Managers

You also have to add your Managers information. This information is needed so workers can communicate with Managers.

Note: Add the information of the person the worker will report to so they can receive SMS info and be able to communicate with the worker as per his arrival.

If you want to add manager click the "Create Manager". Then fill out the information with their name, phone, and make a personal 4-digit code for them. 

Note: The 4 digit code is so that they can clock-in and clock-out workers.



Step 5: Creating a Shift

You can now finally create a shift!

In order to create a shift, click "Create Shift" on the top right and fill out all of the information section, and click "Submit". 

This is where you can create a 1 time shift. You need to select the information you've already added and information of the time and date of the shift. 

Note: Here you select the type of work you need. Ex: If you need a Line Cook you'll select 'Line Cook'. If you need a server you'll click 'Server'



Step 6: Creating Recurring Shifts

Most of our Businesses have Business needs they need filled on a daily basis. You might need help every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it would be a hastle to create a shift for a need each time.

Note: If after some time you realize you need shifts on more days or less you can always change this. 

Reoccurring Shift-1.png


Step 7: Getting the best workers

After a shift ends a Manager rates the worker and the worker rates the Manager. If you liked working with a Joblete then we'd love for you to be able to request the same worker again!

Note: There's no compultion for a Joblete to return, this is based out of their availability. Our workers wor with us because they love the flexibility of working with Jobletics.

My Jobletes.png

Step 8: Accesing Past Shift Information

While you do receive invoices and information on mail for each shift this window allows you to have a view of all the past shifts you've created and if they were met or not.

You can also choose to repeat a shift, by clicking on the shift and clicking "REAPEAT SHIFT".




With this you're all set! If you have any other queries apart from this feel free to reach out to our support team at support@jobletics.com with any other information you might need.