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6 Secrets to Ace Your Job Interview

6 Secrets to Ace Your Job Interview

After sending your CV to numerous companies, you received an email inviting you to an interview. As you know, it’s still not the time to drop your guard. It is still the beginning of a tedious journey that might end up in failure.

The next steps are crucial for you to get a job offer. No need to be anxious because learning how to master job interviews has never been this easy.

Here are the 6 interview secrets that experts vouched that’ll help you land your dream job.

Research about your interviewer

Applicants who disregard the importance of pre-interview research rarely get a job offer. Researching your prospective employer demonstrates your knowledge during the interview and boosts your confidence in answering tough questions.

As the saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Checking out the restaurant’s website, social media profiles, and other resources online are practically free, and it proves that you’re sincere in your application with the company.

Focus on your skills and achievements

Don’t be afraid to brag your credentials especially if you strive for it for years. Remember that interviews are the only time that you can explain why you’re the best applicant for the position.

Many people who have the same or better qualifications than you are also vying for that same position. Only one person will be hired, and that is the person that showed the most potential during the interview.

Use the STAR method to answer interview questions

In answering questions that illustrate one of your skills, use the Situation-Task-Action-Results (STAR) method.

  • Situation - Provide the context of your story
  • Task - Share the tasks that you need to accomplish and the difficulties that you faced
  • Action - Reveal the processes that helped you perform these tasks and overcome the hurdles
  • Results - Explain the outcome of these tasks and the skills that you gained from these tasks
Gone are the days when recruiters easily believe in everything an applicant says. They have learned to grill their potential hires that'll proceed to the next steps of the recruitment process. This approach is applicable at any stage of the recruitment process when an interview is a primary means of gathering information from applicants.


Be conscious of your body language

Non-verbal cues speak louder than spoken words. Be wary of how you present yourself in front of your interviewer. Hand gestures help send your message across, but going overboard leaves a negative impression. Look confident by professional by sitting properly and maintaining eye contact with your interviewer.

Fidgeting and fiddling with things like pens or jewelry are also discouraged since it shows that your nervous and might be distracting to your interviewer.

Control your nerves

You’ve done your best, but it’s normal to feel nervous waiting for the result. You’ve gone this far, and it’s time to chill.

Stay calm and confident by taking subtle deep breaths. Be attentive to your interviewer’s questions so you won’t miss anything. Prepare yourself with answers to questions that might be asked. Lastly, build rapport with your interviewer so that you’ll feel comfortable during the whole process. Ask insightful and intelligent questions will also do the trick.

End your interview on a positive note

Your interviewer will appreciate it when you ask what the next steps are in the recruitment process. Thank them for taking the time of interviewing you, and you’re looking forward to meeting them soon. Give a firm handshake before you leave.

Follow the interview up with a phone call or an email and make sure you ask for feedback.

Most applicants are afraid that their interview might screw everything up. Indeed, a job applicants journey usually end up only at interviews, but that should not be the case with your job application. As long as you follow these tips, surely your interview will be your stepping stone to a fruitful and promising career.