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Ashwin Choithramani

5 Holiday Expenses To Watch Out For

The holiday season can be quite expensive. Here are some expenses you can keep an eye on that can probably save you from the stress this upcoming season.

1. Food

The holidays are never complete without a holiday spread…maybe enough to feed an entire block. Our homes surely smell like fresh cookies and hot cocoa 24/7. Plus, all the holiday candy and food add up expenses to your holiday budget.

Pro Tip: Stick to food items that are tried and tested, things that your family and friends love and will surely appreciate for Christmas dinner.

2. Decorations

We all want to transform our houses into some aspect of Santa’s workshop. And why not? Picking out a tree and putting up decorations and lights can be fun and the kids will love it come Christmas morning. You may not be going all out in buying new decorations every year but chances are, you’ll probably still end up getting something new this year.

The cost of putting all the decorations up and keeping them up can run from $150 and up to $800!

3. Gifts and Gift Cards

Gifts under tree-1.jpeg

In 2016, the average American spent $929 on Christmas gifts.

Our list of people to give away increases every year. Save some money by shortening your shopping list this year.

4. Wrapping paper

Christmas gifts should always have that element of surprise. But the amount we spend on wrapping paper and gift bags can be surprising! We can easily spend over a hundred dollars to wrap our gifts…that's including the gift tags too!

5. Parties (and the NEW clothes!)

Holiday parties can be fun and exciting but also very expensive. You’re probably already thinking about the new outfits you’re going to get for every party in the season. You also don’t want to come empty-handed so that’s going to cost you a lot if you add it up.Pro Tip: If you’re tight on budget, you might want to consider skipping a few parties this year. Not only will it save you some extra cash, it'll save you from the holiday traffic too!

We understand that you want to be in a festive mood this time of the year. And the good thing is that you don’t have to cut all these expenses all together. 

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